The beginning of Fall is of my favourite times of the year (hey, September babies). It’s not too cold, you can still enjoy the outdoors and the scenery is beautiful.



To celebrate, I just wanted to share some fall inspired treats.







I was asked a few months back to make Pocoyo cookies for a child’s first birthday. I don’t know if many of you have heard of Pocoyo but if you have a little one who likes to dance, google it! Watching kids copy these dance moves might be the cutest thing I’ve seen.


Simple Little Dinos


I’m usually asked to make very complicated design for kids birthdays like Angry Birds, Spiderman and Ninja Turtles. So when a client asks for something simple, like dinosaurs, for their kid’s birthday, I am grateful. Like, SUPER grateful. Thank you to the little boy who wanted something simple. Hope you had the happiest of birthdays!







Sex and the City themed birthday

As an adult, we don’t often have themes for our birthday parties. It usually only involves a couple phone calls, a dinner reservation, and a cake. I was lucky enough to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday party with a “Sex and the City” theme. It was amazing! So elaborate with every detail in check, including fashion-themed cookies that even Carrie Bradshaw would love.

30 and fab cookies

Note: with a few minor tweaks and additions, these would make great bachelorette party treats!


Wedding Season is upon us…

…and what better way to celebrate than cookies?

I’ve received a lot of requests lately for wedding themed treats which are always fun to make since I’m a huge girly girl and anything with loads of pink in it makes me happy.

Recently I was asked to make some cookies for a future bride to give to her bridesmaids. Honestly, is there a better way to ask your best girls to stand by your side on your big day?


Angry Birds and other cartoons

Angry Bird cookies have been my most frequently requested cookie design. This past weekend was probably the 4th time I’ve made them in 6 months! And while they are fun to make, the details in the characters makes it quite the task to take on. Most people would not be so particular about the cookies, but the perfectionist in me just needs to get the details just right.

Even though the thought of making another angry bird cookie makes me cringe, I make them anyway because in the end, they’re always such a hit…and I’m always pretty proud of the outcome.

So in honour of the countless Angry Bird cookies I have made, I thought I’d share them with you here:

IMG_20130220_213631 IMG_20130220_211706 IMG_20130407_212522 IMG_20130408_230705



Recently, I tried my hand at making Ninja Turtle Cookies. I hope these are the new frequently requested cookies!



– Trace

All you need is love…and baked goods.

Hi everyone!

I know Valentine’s Day has passed but it’s never to late to spread a little love. And blog about this years treats.

This year, I was asked to make some tasty Valentine’s Day cookies with two different themes. One was a more traditional “hearts” theme with some fashionable shoes thrown into the mix.

IMG_20130210_195919 IMG_20130206_211219The other  theme was a very sweet “My day is better when I talk to you” theme.

IMG_20130214_233017Both were really fun to make!

I was also asked to make some Valentine’s Day cupcakes. There was no theme discussed. I only promised to make the nice and “Valentine-y”.

859073_337180979720602_527688593_oI had bought a few Valentine’s themed food stamps that I had not yet put to use so I decided to bust them out and make some “robot-love” cupcakes.

IMG_20130212_210409 IMG_20130212_210646So fun to be able to get creative with the Valentine’s Day theme! In my opinion, you should spread the love year round but it’s nice to have a day dedicated to it!