Dulce de Leche

So it seems I’ve become obsessed with trying out new cupcake flavours. It’s becoming a problem, a HUGE problem mainly because I’ve been eating everything I’ve made. And I mean everything! Even the rejects.

On the plus side, in my search for the best cupcake flavours, I came across a recipe for dulce de leche frosting and I knew I needed to try it. So I did and here’s what they look like:

Now let me tell you, these are good! I mean, really good. Don’t believe me? Order some and find out (ha!).


Birthday Cupcakes

It’s been a hectic few weeks around here but not too hectic for baking cupcakes! I’ve been meaning to try out new recipes but, lucky for me, Baked for Good has had a great start and I’ve been busy making orders!

Two weeks ago, I made these delicious birthday cupcakes for a friend that I needed to share with you guys.

They look pretty good if I do say so myself! haha

I’ve got a lot of new flavours lined up for trial so be sure to check back here for updates.