Angry Birds and other cartoons

Angry Bird cookies have been my most frequently requested cookie design. This past weekend was probably the 4th time I’ve made them in 6 months! And while they are fun to make, the details in the characters makes it quite the task to take on. Most people would not be so particular about the cookies, but the perfectionist in me just needs to get the details just right.

Even though the thought of making another angry bird cookie makes me cringe, I make them anyway because in the end, they’re always such a hit…and I’m always pretty proud of the outcome.

So in honour of the countless Angry Bird cookies I have made, I thought I’d share them with you here:

IMG_20130220_213631 IMG_20130220_211706 IMG_20130407_212522 IMG_20130408_230705



Recently, I tried my hand at making Ninja Turtle Cookies. I hope these are the new frequently requested cookies!



– Trace