All you need is love…and baked goods.

Hi everyone!

I know Valentine’s Day has passed but it’s never to late to spread a little love. And blog about this years treats.

This year, I was asked to make some tasty Valentine’s Day cookies with two different themes. One was a more traditional “hearts” theme with some fashionable shoes thrown into the mix.

IMG_20130210_195919 IMG_20130206_211219The other  theme was a very sweet “My day is better when I talk to you” theme.

IMG_20130214_233017Both were really fun to make!

I was also asked to make some Valentine’s Day cupcakes. There was no theme discussed. I only promised to make the nice and “Valentine-y”.

859073_337180979720602_527688593_oI had bought a few Valentine’s themed food stamps that I had not yet put to use so I decided to bust them out and make some “robot-love” cupcakes.

IMG_20130212_210409 IMG_20130212_210646So fun to be able to get creative with the Valentine’s Day theme! In my opinion, you should spread the love year round but it’s nice to have a day dedicated to it!