Sex and the City themed birthday

As an adult, we don’t often have themes for our birthday parties. It usually only involves a couple phone calls, a dinner reservation, and a cake. I was lucky enough to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday party with a “Sex and the City” theme. It was amazing! So elaborate with every detail in check, including fashion-themed cookies that even Carrie Bradshaw would love.

30 and fab cookies

Note: with a few minor tweaks and additions, these would make great bachelorette party treats!


Blue Butterflies and Cookies Galore

Hi kids!

It’s been a busy summer for me and I’ve been quite slack in updating this website but I thought I would post a little about what I’ve been creating lately.

I’ve received quite a variety of cookies order ranging from baptism cookies to zombie cookies to Canada Day cookies.

Baptism Cookies for my lovely niece


Guns for taking out those zombies

Celebrating the birth of our country

Looks good, eh?

In addition to these delicious cookies above, I was also asked to create Blue Velvet Blue Butterfly Cupcakes for a bridal shower. I said yes without hesitation only to later ask myself, “What the heck is Blue Velvet??” It turns out they’re as easy to make as Red Velvet Cupcakes and, done right, look equally cute. To the recipient of these lovely cupcakes, I hope you enjoy them!

Blue Velvet

In flight

Final Creation

 What do you guys think?


Baked For Good

At the start of each New Year, many people make resolutions where they intend to give something up that’s bad for them and start fresh. And as we all know, these resolutions don’t usually last (I am certainly guilty of this!)

This year, I decided I wanted to do something different from my standard, yearly “eat healthy, work out” promises. For 2012, I wanted to DO SOMETHING.

And so here it is – for the entire year, I will be selling my cookies and cupcakes (I’ll be experimenting with flavours and designs as I go so keep an eye out for them!) and will be donating 30% of the profits to:
1) The Canadian Cancer Society
2) Sick Kids Hospital