Red Velvet, you’ve made it on my flavour menu after all

So red velvet hasn’t really been a favourite cupcake of mine. It HAS, however, been the second most requested. The number one spot belongs to nutella (obviously, nutella trumps all). But I couldn’t continue saying no. I had to give red velvet a chance.

A little background info – red velvet has never been my favourite mainly because the ones I’ve tasted have all tasted like food colouring to me (with the exception of one – too bad I forgot to ask where they were from. Boo.). Red velvet is supposed to be a moist chocolate cake that gets it red colouring from the reaction of vinegar and buttermilk. However, through its evolution, it became a really bright red cake full of food dye. Not my cup of tea.

IMG_20130705_105058 IMG_20130705_113059

Lucky for me (and my clients!), I found a recipe that tastes like red velvet should without all the food colouring. Score!




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